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PC Helper 123 Privacy Notice

Your Email Address Is Safe

We never divulge any information to other people or companies. This includes the practice of trading or selling of client email addresses. While there are companies that use the information of their visitors and clients in order to broaden their marketing, make extra money, or advertise other web sites, you can be assured that Your PC Helper does not now, and never will use these practices. We take great care to make sure your information is safe.

The Use Of Cookies

PC Helper 123 does use "Cookies" in order to provide a more convenient service. These cookies do not track or report information to any third party companies and the cookies are used strictly to enhance your experience on our web site.

Trouble Tickets and Support

Our trouble ticket and support system is completely private and is only accessible by authorized PC Helper 123 personnel. The information shared or provided during a trouble ticket or support session is used by PC Helper 123 only to provide assistance and solutions and it is not divulged to other companies or people.

Remote Computer Access

No remote computer access is possible except when specifically requested by the computer user. All remote sessions are performed securerly. No consumer personal information is saved or transfered under any circumstances.


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