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Some of the questions or concerns you may have about PC Helper 123 and your PC Helper services may have already been answered in the FAQ's displayed below.

What payment types do you accept?
Your safety and privacy is always #1. In order to provide you both, PayPal is the chosen payment gateway.

PayPal Acceptance Mark

Do you return my money if you can't fix my computer remotely?

Actually you don't pay until after the remote session has ended. Once a remote session has ended successfully you will be emailed an invoice via Payapal. Your PC Helper really does believe that your satisfaction comes first. Not requiring you to pay up front is one of the ways that helps prove it.

Is this remote computer repair thing really safe?

That really is a trick question. If you are getting your remote computer help from the wrong people then that answer would be likely not. There are a lot of people and companies out there that are more interested in tricking you into buying things you don't need or that have very little or no real computer repair knowledge and experience. When many other companies escalate your problem to a higher level of support you just start off with a PC Helper that has that higher level of knowledge and experience to begin with.

What is included with a $52 remote session?

Why should you have to pay different amounts whether your computer needs to be sped up, cleaned of viruses or even both? Your PC Helper thinks it's a lot more fair for you to only be charge a single price regardless of the service you need. No matter whether you need help setting up or fixing a printer having viruses removed and cleaned need your Windows sped up or all of the above. You are only invoiced for $52 1 time if your computer or service is successfully completed.

Is computer help all I can use you for?

Not at all. While I can't promise that we can help with everything we help with television and stereo setup, smart phones, alternate ways to watch television without having to spend outrageous rates. Basically anything tech your PC Helper will do their best to help you.


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